Digiteens Go Global

Best Practices that Go the Distance

This presentation will reveal how powerful Web 2.0 and other technologies can be to break down barriers and foster cultural awareness. It will also show how students can use the power of communication, collaboration and creativity to make a difference to the world as we know it in a positive way.
The focus was on building unity, developing skills, and creating positive outcomes. All of these outcomes were built on the development of being a reliable, responsible and capable online learner and teacher in the 21st century.
Based on the work of the Flat Classroom Project, students who had never met before but had communicated online via Web 2.0 tools, came together in Doha, Qatar to workshop an action that could be taken back to their own countries and schools and sustained for the next year.
The Flat Classroom Conference Student Summit provided an opportunity for classrooms to come together from around the world and learn more about what it means to be an online digital citizen and be able to understand each other and work together.
Purpose and Objectives
- Future of Flat Classroom ideals in a digital world - sustainability
- Flat Classroom Conference Student Summit - goals, structure, outcomes
- Web 2.0 tools and associated technologies that support digital citizenship and global 'flattened' pedagogical transformation
- Digiteen projects and the need for students to have opportunities to take action
- Short Background to Flat Classroom Projects

Supporting Videos

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