Julie Lindsay

Head of Technology, Director of E-Learning

International School Dhaka

Accountabilities and Accomplishments while at ISD

Major Accountabilities

  • The development and promotion of the ISD eLearning strategy in order to increase awareness of and innovation in using Information and Communication Technologies as well as undertaking the planning and rollout of the Technology and eLearning Strategic Plan
  • Working with the CEO and Senior Management Team in the planning and development of innovative and educationally viable eLearning initiatives
  • Creating a receptive environment for the development of ubiquitous computing including laptop and handheld programs and eLearning methods
  • Developing practical strategies for subject leaders, coordinators and teachers for implementing learning technologies within the curriculum
  • Promoting and implementing professional development in learning technologies
  • Providing necessary policies and procedures for the use of eLearning and digital literacy within the school
  • Communicating learning technology initiatives and programs to the school and wider community
  • Working towards the school becoming a leader in both the integration of IT into the curriculum and in using IT as an effective and efficient medium for communication within the school
  • Responsibility for the educational aspects of ICT (curriculum and teaching throughout the school) as well as those technology systems which ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the business and administrative aspects of the institution including assisting subject leaders, coordinators and teachers in developing ICT teaching exemplars
  • Coordinating IT Department Tech staff including revising and overseeing job descriptions and responsibilities of the IT Manager and the department members and overseeing regular performance appraisals
  • Coordinating and overseeing the IT teaching staff in the Primary and Secondary schools providing quality assurance and the application of whole campus policies, in coordination with the curriculum leaders in both Schools
  • Coordinating the MYP Technology curriculum and teaching staff in the secondary school
  • Participating in meetings with SMT, coordinators, teachers and technical staff
  • Managing eLearning operations as required (weblogs, online learning system)

Major Accomplishments

  • Implementation and development of ubiquitous, one-to-one handheld and laptop computing programs
  • Implementation and development of weblogs and blogging into the curriculum
  • Implementation and development of podcasting and the use of audio into the curriculum
  • Development and coordination of the IBO MYP Technology curriculum
  • Implementation and development of the IBO DP Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) curriculum
  • MYP IBO Coordinator for Homo Faber (2003-5)
  • Organisation of whole-school event “Go Digital” to showcase teaching and learning with ICT tools
  • Representing ISD and eLearning curriculum-based initiatives internationally:
    • Cyberfair Global Online Project student winners (website development with a community focus)
    • GoKnow ‘Sketchy’ competition student winners (handheld curriculum integration)
    • Conference presentations focusing on school wide ICT initiatives in India, Bangladesh, Thailand and the USA (NECC)
* Student council staff leader (2005-6)
  • Producer of school production “Dracula Spectacula’
  • Developing documentation and working on staff committees for school accreditation with NEASC, CIS and IBO