This part of my Professional Learning Environment is where I focus on more cognitive areas of who I am and what I think.

For pre-November 2006 material view my former digital portfolio Thinking pages.

You are invited to read my

For reflections and further thoughts I invite you to read my current blogs:
  • E-Learning blog:This is my main blog where I share resources, comment on developments and reflect on education and eLearning. Just over 12 months old this blog now in January 2007 has an average of 70+ readers (see Technorati) per day and in the past 3 months has been visited over 2000 times.
* In Touch with a Flat World: The title of this blog has been chosen to signify that wherever we are in the world (east, west, first world, third world) we can stay in touch and be part of the global conversation through the development of online learning environment software and the Internet. This blog is where I discuss what is happening in my classroom as well as outside my front door.