Wikis for the Collaborative Classroom

Workshop given at Learning 2.011 Conference, Shanghai September 2011
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Starting a new Wiki using Wikispaces

  • Go to and make sure you select K-12 Education (advertisement free)
  • Permissions and members
  • Managing the 'Look and feel' of your wiki (this is for wikis that YOU have control over)
  • Editing the Home page (and other pages!)
    • Text sizes, colors, fonts, alignment, styles etc
    • Heading Sizes and table of contents
    • Lists, underline
    • Adding hyperlinks
  • The navigation bar - remove the widget or not?
    • Tags
    • Favourites

More Editing

  • Uploading an image
    • Image size (prepare your image first using Preview or Paint or another program)
    • Image location and caption
  • Creating new pages - two methods
    • Ghosting a link
    • Using New Page
  • Using Text Edit

Wiki Page Tabs

  • Page
  • History
  • Discussion
  • Notify Me


  • Embedding using source code
  • Wikis pages list
  • Contents of a wiki page
  • RSS feeds - delicious

More Advanced Ideas

  • Templates
  • Projects
  • Page design using embedded wiki page contents

Wiki Pedagogy

Why do we use wikis in education?

What are wikis good for? Can you find best examples of wiki-centric classrooms, portfolios, projects?

Educator Wiki portfolio example:
BISS digital portfolios (linked in cohorts from this wiki)

More Resources:
Julie's ITGS wiki-centric classroom
Julie's Delicious Digital Portfolio bookmarks
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What are good examples of collaborative learning using a wiki?

Flat Classroom Project 10-3
Inside ITGS - classrooms collaborating globally
More Best Wiki Examples