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Please note, this site is not being updated as of May 2012. Please view the new PLE at 'Learning Confluence' to find out more about Julie Lindsay


Who am I?

Brief Bio:
Contact Information:
Email: lindsay.julie@gmail.com
Skype and Twitter: julielindsay
Blog: E-Learning Journey's

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Generally Current or Recent Projects

Professional Learning Environment Strands


Focus in this section is on the areas that have required more cognitive input such as my portfolio rationale, educational philosophy statement and artifact reflections.


This is purely the section where I get to the 'heart' of who I am with an outline of my life and interests.

Reaching Out

This section shows the work I do along with other people such as teachers, colleagues, parents, students. It is aimed at showing my contributions to education in and out of the classroom.
Recent events:

Making Tracks

Finally, where I have been and a hint at where I want to go. My education and experience are outlined as well as professional development participation.